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ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection

Portable Vaporizer

The ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection is one of the latest innovations in vaporizers technology.  Vaporfection, a small US based company established in 2003, is well-known for keeping the needs of the customer in mind, and the ViVape Vaporizer attests to that fact.

Coming in either basic black or white, this small, sleek, rectangular-shaped vaporizer looks as high-tech as it is.  It is the first vaporizer on the market to incorporate an advanced, user-friendly touch screen control panel.  With the touch of a finger, customers can set the unit to the desired temperature, taking advantage of the state-of-the-art temperature sensing technology.  The ViVape Vaporizer boasts a digital microprocessor wired to an effective and efficient thermo coupling sensor for unmatched temperature control.  A clear LED light illuminates when the unit reaches the desired temperature, and the vaporizer will maintain that temperature for the duration of the vaporizing session.  It is also equipped with a convenient automatic shut off and cool down feature.

But the innovations don’t stop there.  The ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection utilizes a patented glass-on-glass heating element coupled with a laboratory-grade heating chamber to reduce impurities and balance heat and air flow.  These enhancements work together to produce a potent, pure and nearly perfect vapor.  For the customer, not only does this result in a more enjoyable, healthier experience, but since less herbal product is needed to produce superior results, they will save money as well.

Another way in which Vaporfection demonstrates its consideration for its customers is by equipping the ViVape Vaporizer for dual delivery.  Customers can have the convenience of choosing between either the whip or balloon method of vapor delivery.  The appropriate attachments are included with the unit, and the choice is made with the simple tap of the touch screen panel.  This also allows new customers to easily determine which method of delivery is most suitable to their needs and preferences without having to purchase separate vaporizers.

Again, keeping the customers in mind, Vaporfection designed its ViVape Vaporizer to be both 110 and 240 voltage compatibility so that the unit can be used just about anywhere in the world.  The unit is extremely quiet and compact, standing about eight inches high, five inches wide and weighing less than two pounds.  In fact, given its size some might expect the ViVape Vaporizer to be a portable unit, but it is not.  It is corded with no battery or charging capabilities.

The ViVape Vaporizer comes with a standard 2-year warranty but Vaporfection also offers the option of an extended warranty that will cover almost any issue.  Fair warning for customers looking for bargain pricing: the unit does carry a high-end price tag, generally ranging between $ 400 and $ 500 USD.  Still, the vapor quality, which matches or exceeds some of its large-sized competitors, together with the user-friendly nature of the unit, likely justifies the price.

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