Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

      Why do you want a vaporizer in the first place?

      • Wanting one to take hiking or for wheezing on exertion is quite a bit different than wanting one for serious socializing with your friends.  You really need to make up your mind what you’re going to use it for before you set your budget, and decide what features you’re going to need.

      How does a vaporizer work?

      • Simply put, a vaporizer uses a heating element, powered by electricity, battery, or butane, to heat a plant substance in a chamber to a temperature that is high enough to release its essential oils or ingredients, but not high enough to release its harmful elements.
      • There are basically three forms of heat transference:  convection thermal radiation, and thermal conduction.  Convection heats the air around the herb to heat it.  Radiation literally radiates light to the herb.  The most common is conduction where the herb is placed on a surface that is heated, which in turn heats the product to release its vapors.

      What category of user do you fall into?  Tobacco smoking cessation, aromatherapy, medicinal or recreation herbs?

      • Only you can answer this question, and in reality, you might well fit into more than one category once you get into vaporizing on a regular basis.

      How often will you use your vaporizer?

      • This is largely determined by which category you fall into, but do not limit yourself by your initial estimates.  Most users end up wondering how they ever did without theirs.  It’s always best to buy durable and reliable from the beginning.

      Where will you most often use your vaporizer?  At home or out and about?

      • The answer to this question will determine whether you require a table or portable unit . . . or both.

      Will you be using it alone or sometimes with friends?

      • It’s up to you, but if you share with friends you will definitely want a vaporizer that has a rapid heat time, and that reloads easily.

      If you are going to buy a handheld vaporizer – which one will be best for you?

      • This really depends on where you will use it.  If it’s for your asthma and you plan to use it at work, then something unobtrusive that doesn’t scream weed vaporizer is certainly in order.  Shop around and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

      Can anyone believe all those vaporizer reviews?

      • You better believe it!  Not only the web reviews, but the comments and reviews by customers.  You’ll discover soon enough that vaporizer users are not shy and they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!

      What other accessories are you going to need?

      • You are going to need some maintenance accessories, but most of them will come with your unit.  Then, after you’ve exhausted that supply, you can purchase new kits.  Look for fuzzy cleaners, screens, perhaps new heating units.  Also, as one satisfied customer said, she just loved the padded case that came with her table model because it gave her, “a comfy pillow to sleep on,” when she got sleepy.