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VaporBLUNT by VaporBLUNT Vaporizer Inc

Portable Vaporizer

The is a wonderful portable innovation introduced by VaporBLUNT Vaporizer Inc., a company based in the United States. The unit, which is basic black with red trim, is about 10 inches long, 1.5 inches around and resembles a small flashlight. Although larger than other similar portable units, the VaporBLUNT is easy to handle and doesn’t feel cumbersome to use. This is due, in part, to its unique one-button design.

On the face of the unit, only one button is prominent, and it controls the entire operation of the vaporizer. The interior of the vaporizer houses a very efficient ceramic heating core and the unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The VaporBLUNT has two pre-set temperature settings, namely 390 degrees Fahrenheit and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. To operate the unit, the customer must depress the button once to reach the first temperature setting. The button will blink green until the temperature is reached and then it will stay a solid green. To reach the second temperature setting, the customer simply presses the button again. The button will blink yellow this time and display a solid yellow color once the temperature is reached. According to the vaporizer reviews, the only minor complaint about this one-button technology is that, under certain lighting conditions, the light display can be hard to see. Otherwise, the VaporBLUNT heating time is surprisingly quick, reaching the temperature settings in under a minute. This is one of the quickest heating times on the market today.

Probably the most unique and desirable feature of the VaporBlunt vaporizer is the Stir Knob located on the cap covering the fill chamber. The fill chamber is located on the bottom and is accessed by twisting the trim ring and removing the cap. Underneath, the cap has a small device that, when the cap is in place, will stir the herbal product in the fill chamber for the customer with a simple twist without opening the chamber or losing heat. This process extends the life of the herbal product and is a convenient, innovative bonus exclusive to the VaporBLUNT Vaporizer.

The unit does tend to get warm to the touch when in use, especially when using the higher temperature setting, but it not uncomfortable to hold. For customer safety, the VaporBLUNT is equipped with an automatic shut-off set to turn the unit off after 12 minutes of inactivity. Customers can reactivate the vaporizer by pressing the power button again, either once or twice depending upon the desired setting.

Another unique feature of the VaporBLUNT Vaporizer is the available flavor tips. These tips, made of flavor-infused plastic, can be easily inserted into the mouth of the vaporizer and will serve to add or accentuate the vapor taste. Some vapor reviews, however, criticize this feature, preferring the vapor flavor to be untainted and natural.

The VaporBLUNT Vaporizer generally comes with necessary cleaning tools, and the screen is set up in a way that can be easily removee and clean without disassembling the unit. The battery lasts about 1 ½ to 2 hours on a single charge under normal use and takes about two hours to charge completely. The unit can be used while charging. The vapor quality produced by the VaporBLUNT is outstanding; with its unique features and a price ranging from around $ 220 to $ 270 USD, it is a good deal for anyone seeking a comfortable, easy to use portable vaporizer.

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