Vapor Genie Review

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is unique!  In the first place, it is a pipe, and these pipes have had a loyal following for years, used for both tobacco and weed.  Since it is a pipe it is completely portable and can be carried in a pocket or purse, but, if you’re worried about getting tobacco or herbs all over the inside of your pockets, you can stop worrying. Its design keeps the herb from falling out, so you can just throw it back in your pocket or purse without it spilling.

There is a significant difference between the Vapor Genie Pipe and a vaporizer.  For one, instead of a battery or butane energy source to heat the herb to produce vapor, a match or lighter is used. However, like with a vaporizer, the heat source only heats the tobacco, and does not burn it, greatly reducing harmful toxins and smoke byproducts.

The Vapor Genie Pipe’s lifetime guarantee is great, so great that the manufacturer will send you extra screens and mouthpieces free of charge for as long as you have the pipe.  The Vapor Genie looks great.  It comes in a number of styles; in different types of natural wood; in solid colors; metal; and, they even make an all glass pipe.  Prices start at around $59.

Buy Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe from

Buy Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe from

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