Vapezilla Digital Vaporizer Review

Now, this is class!  Funny name, but the Vapezilla Digital Vaporizer looks more like a piece of stereo equipment than a vaporizer; it is housed in a glossy black box with an easy to read digital display.  It comes with a ceramic heating element that is insulated with Pyrex.  The whip is also made of Pyrex.  As to using the Vapezilla, it’s about as easy as it can get!  Turn it on, let it heat, load about one eighth to one quarter of an inch of herb into the whip, and inhale the vapor.  That’s all there is to it.  The Vapezilla Digital Vaporizer is highly recommended for those who want to use a vaporizer for tobacco while avoiding all the other trash from smoking cigarettes.  The price is a little hefty at $499-599, but you have to pay for quality like this.
An added asset is that this is one vaporizer you can leave out on the shelf.  The Vapezilla Digital Vaporizer is recommended for tobacco users and inexperienced users due to its simplicity.

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