ThermoVape Vaporizer Review

ThermoVape by Thermo-Essence Technologies

Portable Vaporizer

Designed and manufactured in the United States by Thermo-Essence Technologies, the ThermoVape Vaporizer is one of the latest portable vaporizers to hit the market.  Released in early 2012, this slim, black vaporizer unit is less than six inches tall, about one inch wide and weighs less than four ounces.  From outward appearances, it looks like a broad-tipped Magic Marker and can easily be stowed discreetly in a pants pocket or handbag.  There is no assembly required; the unit is self-contained and ready to go at the flip of a switch.

The ThermoVape uses a convection heating system.  It contains a patent-pending heating core that utilizes an untainted heating coil to produce the purest vapor possible for this type of unit. Because the vaporizer utilizes convection heating, it works well in any weather condition and at high altitudes, something that cannot be said for many portable units that use butane as a heating source.  Further, the ThermoVape’s batteries are not the typical lithium-ion rechargeables.  Instead, Thermo-Essence chose to use lithium phosphate batteries, borne of the same technology used to power electric cars.  These specialized batteries are designed to outlast and outperform standard rechargeable batteries. Each battery will last up to 2000 charges.

The ThermoVape unit itself is one of the most durable portable vaporizers on the market to date. It is made from NASA-grade nickel plated aluminum surrounded by a thermoplastic Delrin sheath.  The Delrin covering protects customers from the heat generated by the unit, keeping it cool to the touch, while the specialized aluminum construction makes the unit practically indestructible.  In fact, Thermo-Essence demonstrates by video that this little vaporizer survives, unscathed and functional, even after getting run over by a car.  This is especially convenient for customers who intend to take their vaporizer with them on vigorous outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing and the like.

The ThermoVape power switch is specially designed to prevent the unit from accidentally turning on while it is in a person’s pocket, suitcase, etc. Because of this fail-safe design a customer must keep the slide switch pushed upward when engaging the heating element.  Some might consider this an inconvenience but many vaporizer reviews find it to be a small trade-off considering the safety of the design.  The unit does not have temperature control settings but a customer can regulate the temperature of the unit (which ranges between 340 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit) by the rate of their draw.  A long, slow draw will result in hotter temperatures and a thicker vapor, while a fast, short draw will result in a lower temperature and finer, more flavorful vapor.

The herbal fill chamber hold enough product for about four to eight draws.  Essential oils and concentrates can be used with a special add-on, available separately.  As an additional convenience, the unit not only comes with a wall adapter but also a car charger so that it can be charged while on the go.

The ThermaVape is very quiet, gives off virtually no odor and is consequently very discreet.  It produces a consistent, high quality vapor and it comes with a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  It is 100% sourced and assembled in the United States and with a price tag between $ 250 and $ 350 USD, it is an excellent choice for anyone wanted true portability without sacrificing vapor quality.

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