The Vaporization Age – Vaporizers Today

Finally, in 1924, the first vaporizers were invented, and since then, three very different classifications have evolved, all making significant contributions to our lives.  Two of them have absolutely nothing to do with herbs, but because of their importance we mention them here.

First, administering controlled vapor with substances such as chloroform and ether, and then eventually monitoring vaporization of other more advanced drugs during anesthesia has led to the advancements we have witnessed in modern surgery.  These advances have led to safe anesthesia without significant side effects during longer surgeries.

The next, and until recent years, the most popular vaporizer, is one we all know, and it can be purchased in any drug store.  If you have children — or if you have ever been a child — you know what we’re talking about!  It’s that square, plastic container that your mother put in your room whenever you had a cold or the flu.  It gurgled, pumped out steam, and helped you breathe easier, made your throat feel less scratchy, and soothed your cough.   Sometimes, the addition of a little eucalyptus oil in the well under the steam vent made it even more effective.

This brings us to the third type of vaporizer . . . the herbal vaporizer or weed vaporizer!  These devices have a wide range of uses, from safely smoking tobacco, to aromatherapy combined with medicinal herbs, and finally recreational herbs.  Knowledge, science, and the practice of medicine – both traditional and alternative – have moved forward in quantum leaps over the last fifty years.  People are living longer, and participating in their own healthcare to a greater degree — more than ever before.  They have the information available at their fingertips to extend their lives and maintain their health for years beyond what their grandparents — or even their parents – ever did before.  And, the best vaporizer has become an essential tool, contributing to the success of the journey for many!