Synthetic Cannabis Drugs Are Available

There are currently two FDA approved synthetic cannabinoid pharmaceutical products available by prescription for medical therapy:  Nabilone and Dronabinol, which are administered orally.

Nabilone – brand name Cesamet — is prescribed as an antiemetic and to treat neuropathic pain.  It is chemically similar to the active ingredient found in Cannabis sativa, and was originally approved by the FDA in 1985, but not marketed in the US until 2006.  It has since been approved for use in treating cancer patients who have not responded to other therapies, and for the treating anorexia and weight loss in patients with AIDS.

In 1985, Dronabinol – brand name Marinol — was approved for treating cancer chemotherapy patients dealing with vomiting and nausea who have not responded well to other conventional treatment regimens.  By 1992, Marinol was also approved for patients who had anorexia weight loss associated with AIDS.

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