Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer arrived on the scene around 2002. It is believe to be the first vaporizer to utilize ceramic and glass heating elements. Silver Surfer vaporizers are handmade by the 7th Floor Company, a small business in Colorado Springs, USA that still honors its commitment to highest standards of quality. The casing of each unit is made from 1/5 inch-thick adonized aluminum and, under normal use, is designed to last a lifetime. Instead of digital or LED displays, each Silver Surfer vaporizer is fitted with a unique temperature knob made of marbled glass which adds character and uniqueness to each unit. Available in a host of colors, including traditional silver, black, pink, green and blue, the modern design of cylinder-shaped vaporizer appeals to some but not others, and is largely a matter of taste. The characteristic slant of the vaporizer, however, doesn’t just serve aesthetic purposes but is directly linked to the performance of the unit.

Specifically, the peculiar way in which the unit is angled is designed to increase the efficiency of the vaporizer. The reverse angle of the heating element causes the distribution tube, or whip, to turn upward, away from the heating source, when in use. This in turn means less waste and more potent vapor, since the herbs can’t fall back onto the heating element, as they tend to do with other vaporizers. Some users have complained, however, that the design of the unit adds to the time it takes to heat up to optimal temperatures. For instance, some vaporizer reviews indicate that the unit can take up to four minutes to reach a desired temperature and up to six minutes to completely cool down after it is turned off.

Generally, because of the efficiency of the heating element and the effectiveness of the design, a person does not need to use large amounts of herb to produce a thick, heavy vapor. A little goes a long way. Some vaporizer reviews, however, have criticized the unit for being a little clumsy to use. For instance, without a separately sold attachment, the wand has to be held against the unit by hand, which can tend to be awkward and inconvenient. Also, while the glass knob used to adjust the heating temperature is attractive, it is also inaccurate and difficult to adjust properly. There are no numbers or heat settings listed on the knob, so a person must use trial and error to determine the setting they are most satisfied with.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is generally priced between $ 250 and $ 350 USD. The colored units tend to be more expensive than the basic silver unit. Due to the fact that they are handmade rather than mass produced, the units can be hard to find. The vaporizer usually comes with a 120 volt or 220 volt adapter and an extra long 10 foot cord. Other accessories, such as a hands-free device for the wand and aromatherapy attachments, are available for an extra cost. The manufacturer also offers a three year warranty for normal use. Basically, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a good, dependable unit which produces an excellent quality vapor. Given other options on the market, however, and the advanced features of certain competitors, many vaporizer reviews consider the Silver Surfer to be somewhat overpriced and a little outdated.

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Buy the Silver Surfer Vaporizer from the

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