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Recently introduced by the German company Stortz & Bickel, the Plenty Vaporizer holds itself out as the more compact, handheld cousin of the well-known Volcano vaporizer. Those who are familiar with the sleek and stylish design of the Volcano, however, might be surprised when they get a look at the Plenty. Most vaporizer reviews classify it as similar in appearance to a “power tool,” such as a hand held drill. Even the colors of the unit, black and orange, suggest a weekend of home repairs rather than a session of vapor inhalation.

The Plenty Vaporizer does, in fact, have a body shape similar to a power drill, with a triangular handle and orange power switches. Underneath the bulky exterior, however, beats the heart of efficiency; the double helix heat exchange built into the core is designed for superior heating efficiency and high-yield vapor. In fact, most vaporizer reviews find the vapor quality produced through the Plenty to be of exceptional quality.

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But the unit, unfortunately, is not without its downfalls, and it appears that certain kinks still need to be worked out. Advertised as a handheld unit, one might expect the vaporizer to be cordless and portable. This is not exactly the case. The vaporizer is corded and has no battery or charging capabilities. At about 6 inches long, 9 inches high and weighing in at 1 ½ pounds, it is also somewhat bulky, and is not easy to carry around in a coat pocket or purse, like some of the other portable units on the market today.

The Plenty is operated by a thumb-triggered on/off switch, and the temperature is set using a dial wheel on the side of the unit. The vaporizer temperature settings range from 266 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit (130- 202 degrees Celsius). The unit generally takes about three to four minutes to reach the set temperature, and an old-style gauge on the front of unit serves as a display. However, the unit is not designed to maintain a constant temperature and the user must periodically squeeze an orange trigger on the handle to keep the temperature at the ideal setting. Further, given where the gauge located, it can be awkward for a person to keep track of the display while the unit is in use.

The housing of the vaporizer and, in particular, the metal parts on the unit, tend to get extremely hot. There are warning decals advising users not to touch any metal parts, but if a person is not paying close attention, it is easy to get burned touching one of several hot spots on the vaporizer.

The vapor is delivered through a plastic mouthpiece that is attached to a flexible cooling coil. While the cooling coil is very functional and helps the vapor to reach a mouth-friendly temperature, it can be rather clumsy to use and looks more like something that one might find in plumber’s tool kit than on a vaporizer. Also, several vaporizer reviews noted that the rubber connecter that attaches the mouthpiece to the cooling coil comes off very easily and needs to be constantly readjusted.

Honestly, given the reputation of Stortz & Bickel, and the success of the Volcano Vaporizer, many have been disappointed with the quality and function of the Plenty Vaporizer. While the quality of the vapor is undeniably exceptional, with a price tag in the $ 300 dollar range, in order to stay competitive, the kinks really need to be worked out of this unit.

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