Iolite WISPR Vaporizer Review

Iolite WISPR Vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler

Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite WISPR Vaporizer is the latest innovation from the Ireland-based company of Oglesby & Butler. Oglesby & Butler is credited with manufacturing the first, original portable vaporizer in 2008, and this unit is an updated, upgraded version of that.

The first thing you might notice about the WISPR Vaporizer is its unique design. Taking on a retro “70’s” look, the unit is box-shaped, measuring about 3.5 inches square and about 1.5 inches thick. It boasts a colorful, grated exterior casing reminiscent of a transistor radio and comes in a rainbow of colors, including such tasty choices as espresso brown, oyster blue, pumpkin orange, grape red and pistachio green. Admittedly, most vaporizer reviews agree that the look takes some getting used to, but the strange design also has its functional benefits. Most notably, since the vaporizer is about the size of man’s wallet, weighing only about 4.5 ounces, it is incredibly easy to carry around. Naturally, for those looking to purchase a portable vaporizer, this is a huge consideration.

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Aside from its novel design, the Iolite WISPR Vaporizer offers some unique features as well. For instance, inside, the WISPR utilizes a fully patented flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat. Using butane, the comparatively large, easy-to-fill fuel chamber allows for up to three hours of continuous use. Further, the vaporizer has an easy- to-see window on the side so that the user can keep close track of fuel levels. A switch on the side of the vaporizer allows for two-click ignition; specifically the switch is pushed halfway down to release the fuel, then pushed all the way down to begin heating. In under two minutes, the vaporizer heats to the optimal preset temperature of 374 degrees Fahrenheit (about 190 degrees Celsius) Because of the vaporizer’s unique heat venting system, the unit does not get too hot to the touch. One heating feature the unit lacks, however, is a means for temperature control. Some comparable units allow users to regulate vapor temperature while the WISPR does not. Still, the vapor produced is visibly thick and rich, attesting to the efficiency of the butane heating system.

In addition to the patented heating system, the WISPR also has a patented flexible silicone mouthpiece that sits on top of the unit like an antennae, but folds down ease of portability. The large herbal chamber is located on the bottom of the removable mouthpiece and the design makes it easy to fill. Some users do complain, though, that the silicone interferes with the taste of the vapor, giving it a slight rubbery or chemical taste. According to other vaporizer reviews, however, most feel that the convenience and portability of the unit far outweigh the minor affect the mouthpiece has on vapor taste.

Generally, the Iolite WISPR is available for between $ 250 and $300 USD, which is a bit more than some of its competitors, such as the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer. Overall, though, the WISPR is a good value; it is discreet, convenient and quiet, and gets high marks with regard to overall quality, function and design.

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