How to Use a Vaporizer

Vaping – From A to Z

If you are considering purchasing a vaporizer you should already have some idea about How to Use a Vaporizer, and what it’s all about . . .

  • heating herbs or tobacco to a required temperature to produce vapor
  • inhaling that vapor to achieve a desired effect

We can happily report that most vaporizers, with the exception of only a few – those that use fill bags, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box — operate essentially the same way.  Follow our simple instructions and you can learn how to use a vaporizer very quickly and you’ll be an old pro in no time at all. It should go without saying that the very first thing you should do when your new vaporizer arrives is to read the instruction manual from cover to cover, but, after that, here are the basic steps we came up to teach a newbie How to Use a Vaporizer.

  • Plug vaporizer into a heat source — electric, butane, battery, or car adapter — to allow the unit to heat up.
  • While it’s heating, prepare your herb by grinding it to a fine powder.
  • When the vaporizer has reached the desired temperature, place the ground herb into the chamber or disc container, or onto the heating screen (whichever your vaporizer came equipped with).


  • Load the whip or wand with one eighth to one quarter inch of herb and attach to unit.
  • As soon as vapor appears, gently draw through mouthpiece, until lungs are approximately 80% full, and retain as long as possible for maximum effect.
  • Exhale slowly.
  • Repeat at will.

Our description of how to use a vaporizer doesn’t include vaporizers that use fill bags because you do not inhale directly from those vaporizers.  Rather you attach a plastic bag with a valve to the main vaporizer unit and fill it with vapor.  Then you inhale from the bag.  The major advantage here is that the vapor in the bag can be stored for up to eight hours.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is unique in that it has nearly instant-on capability, and can be preloaded.  Therefore, when you insert the heat source (battery), vapor will appear immediately, and it’s time to inhale.  Remove the heat source between hits.

And, that kiddies, is how you use a vaporizer boiled down to the basics.  Anyone can do it!