How Is Medical Marijuana Distributed

Distribution methods vary, but obtaining a supply of medical marijuana is easiest in the states that allow home cultivation of cannabis plants.  In those states, after the patient has been certified by a physician to have one of the specified medical conditions that would benefit from this method of treatment, have provided proof of state residency, and in many states, have undergone a criminal background check, they can buy their seeds or plants and grow their own without fear arrest or criminal charges on the state level.

In other states, after the patient and physician have completed the paperwork, paid any required fees, and obtained the required certification, the patient can visit a state-certified distribution center and purchase what they need.    These centers usually sell both ready to use products as well as seeds and plants.  They may also sell vaporizers and other paraphernalia for using the marijuana.  As regards to state fees, some charge nothing; others charge as high as $200 for two years from the time of registration.

If the patient is in a state with no distribution centers, the best place to look for plants, seeds, how-to-grow instructions, vaporizers, and other paraphernalia, is on line.  There is a wealth of information to be found that will walk even the person with the brownest thumb through the process.  All promise discreet shipping and fair prices.  It’s just a matter of shopping around.

Amounts of marijuana that can be held by patients at any given time vary greatly from state to state.

New Jersey is probably the most conservative.  They allow no plants and only 2 ounces of usable product at any given time.  At the other end of the spectrum is Oregon with 24 ounces of usable product, plus 24 plants (6 mature and 18 immature).  All of the states allowing cultivation of plants do require that they be grown indoors in a locked facility.  It is obviously advisable that anyone who is certified to use medical marijuana needs to very familiar with all of the laws governing its use in their state, including documentation, and how much and what kind they can legally have on the premises at any given time.

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