How Is It Used or Administered

Medical cannabis is generally administered in the form of dried leaves or flowers, which can be smoked, eaten, taken in capsule form, or inhaled through a vaporizer.  Most patients feel that smoking marijuana provides instant relief than just isn’t found by eating it or taking it as a capsule.  However, smoking has unpleasant side effects, such as a harsh taste, scratchy throat, and cough after prolonged use.  Using a vaporizer will virtually eliminate all of these side effects because with a vaporizer the cannabis is not burned — it is heated to a much lower temperature, releasing the active ingredients of the cannabis into a cool vapor that is then inhaled.  The vapor provides the same instant relief, but without the unpleasant side effects associated with smoking.

Vaporizers are also much more convenient, coming in portable and table models.  Depending on the units, they can be almost odor free.  There are units that are able to store a day’s worth of vapor in a plastic bag to be used when the patient needs it – up to 8 hours later.  (This is a particularly useful feature if the patient has a care giver.)  There is also a cost savings involved in that with a vaporizer, instead of burning the product, it is only warmed to a specific temperature allowing it to be used longer before it is exhausted.  Furthermore, it has been proven that vapor extraction can release up to 75% more of the active ingredients required than burning does, so less marijuana will provide more relief by using this method.   Vaporizers can be purchased on line at prices ranging from $99-$699.

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