Herbal/Weed Vaporizers – Tobacco Smoking Cessation

We made note earlier on this website that whenever you light up a cigarette you are essentially placing a hot coal (minimum 750° F) a maximum of 3” from your face, and as you smoke it, it just gets closer.  Now, if that was all that was bad about the situation, it would be bad enough . . . but, it’s just the beginning.  Every time you smoke a cigarette, besides that nicotine that you are addicted to, here’s the breakdown of what you are putting into your mouth, throat, lungs, and your entire body:

  • carbon dioxide
  • carbon monoxide
  • methane
  • acetone
  • acetylene
  • formaldehyde
  • propane
  • hydrogen cyanide
  • toluene
  • and, many others including tars and carbon

Think about it . . . that’s with every cigarette you smoke.  Multiply that by 20 and you have a pack, and, let’s get real!  Just how many packs a day do you smoke?  Add it all up and you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing to your general health and body parts every time you light up!

So, we’ve established you’re addicted to nicotine, but the good news is that you are not addicted to all that other garbage listed above.  So the burning (pun intended) question is — what if you could just get the nicotine and eliminate all the other junk?

  • Would it be worth doing? – Dumb question!
  • Can you afford to try this? – Can you afford not to? Considering the price of cigarettes?

How it works is really simple! Ask anyone who has ever smoked any kind of natural plant substance, be it tobacco, herbal, or medicinal in nature – either once or over an extended period of time – it is hot, harsh, makes your throat scratchy and sore, and is harmful to your lungs and body – for all of the reasons explained above.  But, if you gently vaporize the tobacco at around 325-365 F. instead of burning it at 750 F. you can have your nicotine without all that other trash, which will eliminate the majority of the harmful effects.  And, don’t forget — after switching to vaporizing instead of smoking, many people go on to discontinuing nicotine use altogether.  This is a win-win situation and you have nothing to lose by trying it!