Herbal Vapor Diffusion – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has jumped to the top of the list of reasons for vaporizer use, because there are so many ways to benefit from inhaling herbs.  You can’t walk into a spa or even most of our homes, any more without detecting a scent in the air, placed there to create an atmosphere of comfort and care.  Certain herbs and spices have been identified as having specific effects on the human system when inhaled, such as lavender sprayed on a pillow case to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

A true aromatherapy delivery system requires a diffuser – an attachment for your herbal vaporizer.   This attachment diffuses – or, for want of a better word, mists — the vapor into the air of the room. Before now, these were most commonly found in spas, but they are becoming more popular in homes because the essential oils diffused are natural and don’t produce the unhealthy byproducts that candles or room sprays might.   The herbs and fragrances are carefully selected to set the mood, and the vaporizer does the rest.