Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer Review

Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer by Arizer

Digital vaporizer

The elegant design and versatile functionality of the Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer by Arizer makes it one of the best vaporizers on the market today. With a price tag typically between $200.00 and $ 300.00 (depending upon the accessories included), the Extreme Q holds its own against other comparable but more expensive products. If you’re searching for an attractive, long-lasting and versatile vaporizing unit, the Extreme Q should not be overlooked.

The Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer is a stylish tower-type unit with a sleek, dark metallic finish. But it’s what’s inside the unit that really counts. The Extreme Q contains a specially designed ceramic heating element that is resistant to cracks and extremely efficient, reaching maximum heating temperatures in two minutes or less. The heating core has three sensors to give it maximum precision with regard to temperature control. The housing for the unit, as well as the adjacent internal mechanisms, are insulated to keep the unit safe and cool inside and out.

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The three-speed fan of the Extreme Q Digital vaporizer has been redesigned to be whisper quiet while remaining extremely efficient. The speed of the fan can be adjusted to not only increase or decrease vapor production but also to regulate vapor density. Yet, even at its highest setting, the sound of the fan, and the unit as a whole, is soft and gentle.

The easy-to-read digital LCD screen on the front of the unit allows a person to control both temperature and fan speeds at the touch of a button, and the soft blue light display is easy on the eyes. Further, it can be set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. As an extra bonus, the unit comes with a remote control so that temperature and fan speed can be adjusted from afar. This is especially convenient for operating the sleep-timer feature and automatic shut-off, and also includes a delay setting with a choice of two or four hour intervals.

The vaporizer can be used with either vapor balloons or a standard whip attachment, and both are included with the unit. Due to the power and efficiency of the Extreme Q’s design, the balloon bag can be filled with vapor in under 90 seconds. The balloon can then be detached and used in a portable manner. The whip attachment includes high quality medical tubing and a mouthpiece made with heat-tempered glass. Most people prefer the taste and feel of he glass mouthpiece over any other type. The tubing itself is extra-long and flexible for comfort and convenience.

In addition to all the bells and whistles included with this vaporizer, one of the most unique and desirable features of the Extreme Q is the specially designed and patented Cyclone chamber bowl. This camber bowl sits upright, in a vertical position, so that the air circulates around it fully, allowing for the highest quality vaporization. Further, the bowl is made from heat-tempered glass, which does not interfere with the taste of the vapor.

The design and versatile nature of the Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer also makes it perfect for use in aromatherapy. The unique configuration of the Cyclone chamber bowl and the way in which the air circulates around the entire bowl produces maximum diffusion and vapor potency.

Given the higher cost of other comparable vaporizers on the market, the Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer provides high quality performance and unbelievable value. It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any defect relative to the heating element and a three year warranty relative to the digital display and fan. For the price, you just can’t go wrong!

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Moera December 27th, 2011 (#)

This vaporizer is one of a kind! I highly recommend it to everyone!! It’s so simple to use and it comes with everything you need get started in minutes. it’s really quite and it doesn’t irritate my throat at all!! I’m just enjoying every moment of it!! Great Buy*

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