Easy Vape Digital V5 Vaporizer Review

Easy Vape Digital V5 by YA Industries

Digital vaporizer

The Easy Vape Digital V5 Vaporizer is the latest table-top model from Easy Vape. Manufactured by YA Industries in China, this newest release carries the same Easy Vape quality in an upgraded, stylish package. The design mimics the look of a radio or desktop intercom, with an angled box shape that comes in a variety of colors, including red, black, gray, blue and navy blue. It stands about 5 inches high, 6 1/3 inches long and 3 inches wide, and weighs in at less than a pound. With an extra long power cord, the Easy Vape Digital V5’s compact size allows it to fit neatly and unobtrusively into any corner of your home.

Easy Vape Digital V5 Vaporizer

The unit does have a few notable upgrades, including a new polycarbonate construction. The polycarbonate casing boasts durability and functionality, keeping the unit cool to the touch when being operated. The Easy Vape Digital V5 vaporizer also has an automatic shut-off that can be set for a desired interval, up to an hour. The illuminated LCD screen on the front of the unit clearly displays the actual and desired temperature settings and is generally accurate to within 3 to 5 degrees. With the touch of a button, a customer can quickly toggle back and forth to set the desired temperature as well as the automatic shut-off time, and the backlight of the display makes it easy to read under any lighting conditions.

The Easy Vape Digital V5 Vaporizer also has an upgraded ceramic heating element which has increased efficiency, allowing the unit to reach the desired temperature generally within two minutes. Once the desired heat setting is reach, the best quality vapor is produced within 30 seconds. Easy Vape has also re-engineered the heating cover so that, unlike previous models. The heating cover is fixed directly to the unit.

Some things have definitely stayed the same, retaining the quality Easy Vape customers have come to expect. For instance, the Easy Vape Digital V5 still utilizes ground glass technology in its attachments, and both the filling chamber and mouthpiece are made of glass. This allows for the vapor to come through pure and untainted, with the best taste possible. The wand rests on the unit hands-free, which is another great convenience enjoyed by many Easy Vape customers. Some vaporizer reviews do point out, however, that the herbal product must be packed tightly into the filling chamber in order to avoid spillage. This can sometimes result in waste by customers having to use more product than normally necessary.

As with Easy Vape’s prior units, the Easy Vape Digital V5 Vaporizer produces a high quality, potent vapor that rivals any other unit on the market today. The pricing of the Easy Vape Digital V5 is also very competitive, ranging anywhere from $ 180 to $ 230 USD, considerably less than some of its high end competitors such as the Volcano. The unit generally comes with a standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, subject to normal use. The vaporizer generally comes with a very basic package, including an instruction manual, silicone tubing, ground glass filling chamber, glass mouthpiece and six foot power cord. However, for those searching for an attractive, effective and efficient table-top vaporizer, the Easy Vape Digital V5 offers great value and should not be overlooked.

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