Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano Vaporizer Digital retains the stylish and elegant rounded pyramid shape of the Classic Volcano, touting an attractive silver and black finish. The most notable changes, however, are on the inside. The unit trades in the previous bi-metal heat regulator for an advanced electronic control system that delivers exceptional accuracy in temperature control. The Volcano can reach vaporizing temperatures of 446 degrees Fahrenheit in under two minutes and is accurate within 1 to 2 degrees. The large digital display on the front of the unit keeps careful track of heating temperature, showing the current temperature of the heating element as well as the desired temperature, so you know for certain when the unit has reached the desired setting. Further, the temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. In addition, the Volcano Vaporizer Digital with Solid Valve set option uses a patented technology to purify the vapor produced, removing harmful byproducts as it vaporizes. This, in turn, produces an exceptionally high quality and potent vapor, using less herbal or medicinal product that you might otherwise need with other comparable units.

The Volcano Vaporizer Digital uses a balloon deliver method and, given its powerful yet surprisingly quiet generator, the balloon fills very quickly. While some users prefer to have the choice of using a whip, the balloon does offer a degree of mobility to the user in that, once the balloon is filled, you are able to move about, carrying the balloon with you as you go. The specially designed mouthpiece does not allow the vapor to escape, and it can be stored in the balloon for up to eight hours. While the valve and mouthpiece are made from environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic parts, they are not made of glass and some users do maintain that any material aside from glass will alter the true flavor of the vapor being used. The Solid Valve, however, is re-usable thus saving money over the Easy Valve, which is typically discarded after a certain number of uses. Instead, the Solid Valve can be cleaned periodically and reattached to a new balloon after a number of fillings (typically between 50 and 100). Cleaning tools needed to keep the Solid Valve in peak condition are generally included with the purchase of the unit.

As another convenience, the Volcano Vaporizer Digital with Solid Valve set does have an automatic shut off, which activates after 20 minutes of non-use. It is, however, recommended that the filling chamber containing the spent herbs be removed from the unit once the balloon and valve are detached to prevent burning.

While most vaporizer reviews highlight the exceptional quality and performance of the Volcano Vaporizer Digital, they also make note of the most negative aspect of the unit: the price. This vaporizer generally carries a price tag between $ 600 and $700 USD, which is a hefty sum, considering the quality and desirability of some of the Volcano’s competitors currently on the market. But for those willing and able to pay the price, they will be rewarded with an exceptional, first-class vaporizer unit that will last for many, many years.

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