Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Black Da Buddha (DBV) Herbal Vaporizer

Black Da Buddha Vaporizer Characteristics

• Durable and quality materials
• Thin ceramic/glass heating element
• Fast and easy to use
• Direct inhalation
• Powder coating to protect shell
• Temperature control knob
• Numerous positive vaporizer user reviews

When it comes to herbal vaporization, the Black Da Buddha Vaporizer (DBV) Herbal Vaporizer ranks as one of the best. Many customer vaporizer reviews tout it as “the best on the market.” The Black DBV Herbal Vaporizer is characterized as a hands free vaporizer and is made in the United States. Da Buddha was designed to provide quality use that will last for years. It has been on the market for over three years and is manufactured by the same company that makes the Silver Surfer.

DBV Herbal Vaporizer Uses
For centuries people have smoked herbs and tobaccos. So why use a vaporizer such as the Black DBV Herbal Vaporizer?

Burning reduces the potency and effectiveness of the product. Physically, burning rarely results in complete combustion. Smoke is made up of the particles and by-products that arise from incomplete combustion. Many of these particles and by-products are carcinogens or poisons, such as tar and carbon monoxide. These by-products can also alter the flavor and diminish the benefits of the herb. Burning the herb can destroy the active ingredients, greatly reducing the benefits. Some studies say this can be as high as a 50% loss.

By using a vaporizer such as the Black Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer, you can heat the tobacco or homeopathic herb to a temperature high enough to volatize the active ingredients and create a vapor without having to burn the herb. No foul burning odors, smoke or harmful by-products produced, just vaporized herb.

Benefits of the Da Buddha Vaporizer
The best herbal vaporizers provide a temperature range control. This is important because different herbs diffuse best at different temperatures. The Black Da Buddha provides pure flavor of the herb or tobacco without destroying the beneficial ingredients. The vapor is pure and therefore less is required.

The Black Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer is made of high quality parts and when assembled there are no toxic glues. The ceramic and glass heating element heats quickly and provides a strong vapor. The powder-coated housing provides air resistance and allows for quicker cooling times after use.
Read customer vaporizer reviews for more on ease of use and quality construction.

The Black DBV Herbal Vaporizer Quality and Guarantee
The Black Da Buddha Vaporizer is produced in a clean manufacturing plant nestled against the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The company is dedicated to “customer satisfaction, functional design, and top quality” as part of their mission statement. The Black Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer is made of the finest quality materials available, which means this vaporizer is designed to last for years and provide the highest quality performance.

Many vaporizer reviews talk about how the DBV Vaporizer is made with quality, function, style and a strong guarantee. The Black Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer is a wonderful bet and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Buco March 6th, 2012 (#)

I Love my Da Buddha!!

I’ve been looking to get a vaporizer for years and to make sure I get the Perfect One! With the Perfect Price!! After doing much needed research, about 3 months ago I found my” Da Buddha!!”. This is super amazing product!! So easy to operate, works like magic, all that years of research really did paid-off for me! I highly recommend “ Da Buddha Vaporizer” as anybody’s great vape!!!

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