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Atmos RAW by Atmos Technology

Portable Vaporizer

The Atmos RAW vaporizer, manufactured by Atmos Technology in Florida, is truly one of the smallest, most portable vaporizers ever produced.  The slim, black vaporizer, only five inches long and a half inch wide, looks like a ball point pen and is just as easy to carry around.  The Atmos RAW fits easily into a pocket or purse, and is self-contained within a single unit, with no bulky or breakable accessories to worry about.

With its convection heating technology, the Atmos RAW vaporizer can be used anywhere, regardless of environmental conditions, a concern often expressed with regard other types of portable units that utilize butane or other methods of heating.  The Atmos RAW is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is designed to last for 72 hours of continuous use.  Under normal conditions, the battery can last up to 10 days without needing to be recharged.  Further, when the battery does run down, it only takes about two hours to reach a full charge.  As an additional convenience, the Atmos RAW not only comes with an AC adapter for wall charging, but also a USB adapter so that the unit can be charged at any available computer station.

Due to the convection technology, the heating process, although quick, can seem a little cumbersome to those not familiar with the process.  Basically, a button is depressed to activate the heating element, and the customer draws on the mouthpiece while holding the button.   Then the button is released and after about 3 seconds the process is repeated until the quality of vapor is achieved.  The whole process generally takes less than 30 seconds.  There are no separate heat settings, which some vaporizer reviews consider a drawback, but the internal temperature (ranging from about 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) is regulated by the frequency and length of a customer’s draws as well as the placement of the herbal product within the chamber.  The unit does have an automatic shut-off which activates after about nine seconds of continuous heat.  Therefore, the vaporizer may need to be periodically reactivated when in use.

The Atmos RAW boasts a specialized two-part filtration system, comprised of a unique ceramic filter attached to the mouthpiece and a high-grade stainless steel mesh screen.  This filtration system not only helps to improve the quality of the vapor but also aids in cooling it to a comfortable mouth temperature.  Some vaporizer reviews have criticized the rubber mouthpiece as tainting the taste of the vapor.  While it is true that many feel that a glass mouthpiece produces the purest vapor flavor, the rubberized tip does offer convenience and durability, especially in a portable unit which will, inevitably, get banged around.

Currently, only dried herbal blends can be used with the Atomos RAW vaporizer, although Atmos Technology is planning to have an attachment on the market soon so that customers can also enjoy essential oils and concentrates.  The quality of vapor produced by the Atmos RAW is good, especially considering the diminutive size of the unit.  Other vaporizer reviews have noted that the quality of vapor is not as pure or as potent as produced by other higher-end portable and table-top units.  The trade off, however, is the amazing portability and compact nature of the unit.  As a caveat, customers are urged to avoid overfilling the herbal chamber and to clean it thoroughly after each use so that the material doesn’t burn or become difficult to remove.

Price-wise, the Atmos RAW vaporizer ranges anywhere from $ 120 to $ 250 USD. It comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty with a three-year replacement option for the heating chamber and battery.

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Shawn May 20th, 2012 (#)

I purchased (2) two Atmos Raw Vaporizers they each came without screens. after this long search i was informed about the screens. I have to say that it was a $400.00 waist of cash plus all the time on line

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