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Our goal is to provide the most complete collection of information about herbal and weed vaporizers available on the internet, because we believe an informed customer is the best consumer! The choice to use a vaporizer is a personal healthcare decision that should not be made casually.  The history and science of herbs and vaporizing are important parts of how we have reached the modern age of vaping.  However, it is through providing the knowledge from both the past and present that we hope to promote a more complete understanding of vaporizing.  It is our objective, through discussions and comparisons of different methods of herb utilization, to ultimately encourage a healthier lifestyle.

We will strive to supply the most current information and reviews, and will revise this website on a regular basis to ensure that you will always receive the best . . . and latest . . . vaporization news.

We welcome feedback, and ask that if you wish to contact us, feel free to do so.

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